2020 graduate Katie Ramsay

Photo Finish for BFA Grad Katie Ramsay

May 12, 2020
portrait of Katie Ramsay
Katie Ramsay will earn her BFA in spring 2020.

Like many transfer students, Katie Ramsay didn’t really begin to enjoy college until she got to CU Denver. “I always struggled with liking school and at some points it was really hard for me to keep going and working towards my degree,” she said. But this spring, Katie will earn her BFA with an emphasis in photography. “The photography program here is amazing, and I have met great people along the way!” 

Katie will participate in the university’s first ever virtual commencement. For someone who thinks in images, she really had to adjust the mental picture she had created for her college graduation. “I can’t go and walk like I had always wanted to,” she admits. This shift was also more challenging due to Katie’s recent work-study project in the University Communications department, which involved digitizing boxes and boxes of old photographs—including official commencement photos from throughout the decades. “It is cool to see a piece of this institution’s history,” she said. Of course, now she and her graduating class will make history as well.

Marketing Manager Taylor Broderick, who worked with Katie in the University Communications office, was happy to work alongside Katie. “Her project digitizing old CU Denver photographs helped our office immeasurably. Every time I see a historic photo of campus—on my computer screen—I will remember her hard work!”

Katie was able to succeed at CU Denver, thanks to her supportive parents and to the great photography faculty. One of her favorite classes was Concepts and Processes, taught by Carol Golemboski. “This is a film photography class that was really just experimentation with different processes in the darkroom,” she said. “We got to pretty much try anything and everything … at the end, we came out with a whole book full of our experimental photography.”

collage of Katie Ramsay photographs
Photographs and image details from Katie’s senior thesis project.

After graduation, Katie hopes to become a fashion photographer, although she wants to do so in her own way. “I think we can start to cut down on how much waste we contribute to the earth through the fashion industry,” she explained. For this reason, she is a big proponent of upcycled clothing. Her thesis project focused on “shooting thrift store clothes in a high-end way.” Instead of “fast fashion,” Katie hopes to become part of a more conscientious wave in the industry.

Broderick expects to see Katie’s creative work in the future. “Katie is exceptional in everything she does. A talented photographer, I have no doubt that she will leave her mark on our community in the years to come,” she said.