downtown Denver; photo by Andrew Coop via unsplash

Wes Marshall on Denver, Scooters, and Sustainable Transportation

January 8, 2021

Professor Wes Marshall teaches in both the College of Engineering, Design and Computing and the College of Architecture and Planning, combining civil engineering with urban planning. Hence, some would call him a“plangineer.”

Marshall is at the forefront of a movement to look at how engineers can work alongside city planners to ensure functioning and sustainable transportation. “There are a handful of departments around the country that have a dual degree, and we’re now one of them,” he said. “You can get your master’s of engineering and master’s of urban planning in one fell swoop.”

Originally from Boston, Marshall has spent a lot of time thinking about how cities function, specifically in terms of traffic and modes of transportation. His work has examined bike and car interactions, as well as pedestrian and vehicle interactions. “I’ve been here in Denver for 10 years and downtown has drastically changed,” he said, pointing out the city’s increased walkability and bikeability.

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In a recent interview, Marshall discussed everything from scooters to cul-de-sacs. Hear more about his safe cities research by listening to the CU on the Air podcast.