Press sheet: COVID-19 experts

December 17, 2020

University of Colorado Denver experts are available to discuss a wide range of topics related to COVID-19. These topics include mental health, personal protective equipment and other hospital needs, and more. 

Please reach out to media relations for assistance.

General CU Denver COVID news releases and research 

Mental Health

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Rachel Stein 
Can speak to mental health, mental health within schools, how to ensure student mental health is being addressed.

As a clinical assistant professor, Rachel engages in teaching, mentorship, and scholarly work. 

Kristin Kushmider 
Can speak to mental health during COVID-19, CU Denver’s efforts to address mental health.

Kristin Kushmider, PhD, assistant vice chancellor of Health, Wellness, Advocacy and Support for Student Success. 

Personal Protective Equipment & Other Hospital Needs

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Jiban Khuntia 
Can speak to health systems’ responses to crisis, supply chain disruption issues, and digital and intelligent health solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jiban Khuntia is an associate professor in the CU Denver Business School.

Rulon Stacey
Can speak to health industry responses to COVID including impact on staffing, finances and strategic planning,FEMA response for COVID funding and impact on health system finances next fiscal year, and supply chain issues and solutions for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Rulon Stacey is the Program Director for Graduate Programs in Health Administration



Jennifer Reich 
Can speak to how people come to make decisions about vaccines for themselves and their children, particularly, how individuals consider risk and benefit.

Over the last decade, Jennifer Reich has examined how parents come to reject vaccines for their children, in dialog with physicians, complementary healthcare providers, activists, and researchers. 

The 1918 Pandemic 


Blair Gifford 
Can speak to the similarities between the 1918 pandemic and today’s current health crisis. 

Blair Gifford is the director of the international health management certificate in the health administration MBA programs. He is currently writing a book on the 1918 pandemic. 

Business and Economics 


Andrew Friedson 
Can speak to the effects on the economy and consumer behavior.

Andrew Friedson, Ph.D, is an associate professor at the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at CU Denver. 

Chloe East 
Can speak to the disparities in financial relief from the US government and what that means for COVID relief.

Chloe East, Ph.D, is an assistant professor of economics in the College of Liberal Arts & Science at CU Denver.