How Storm Gloor rocks teaching, family life, and public service: Q&A with music guru

Updated on:
October 1, 2019

CAM faculty member Storm Gloor
CAM faculty member Storm Gloor

An avid music fan, passionate teacher and member of his local city council, there isn’t much that CU Denver Associate Professor Storm Gloor, MBA, doesn’t do. Gloor spent many years with Hastings Entertainment while working within the music industry in various capacities. He also was a music business lecturer, consultant and writer in Austin, Texas, before joining the faculty in the Department of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies in the College of Arts & Media (CAM).

Teaching is a privilege for Gloor, and his passion doesn’t go unnoticed by his students. “To me, he’s not only a professor but also a supporter and advisor,” said CAM student Caroline Stump. “I know with him in my corner, I will be much closer to achieving my goals.” In addition to Gloor’s time in the classroom, he is president of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association and a member of the Recording Academy (the Grammys), the College Music Society and the Association for Popular Music Education.

When he isn’t inspiring students, Gloor is committed to being the best dad possible for his two children. “Watching them grow and learn has been the coolest part so far,” he said. “Hearing them say a particular word for the first time, notice something for the first time, or (of course) starting to sing or recognize a particular song.”

As if being a father and a teacher doesn’t keep him busy enough, Gloor also finds time to make his community a great place to live as a member of the Glendale City Council. You could say Gloor is a rock star at getting the most out of life. To get to know him a little better, CU Denver News posed a few questions. 

Where does your passion/inspiration for your work come from? Is it why you entered your field?

“I grew up as an avid music fan and constantly studied the business side of it. Being able to make a job out of it in the music industry was a dream come true. But the teaching bug got me when I first lectured to a college class and I felt immediately that it was the right direction to go from there, because it was a chance to combine two things I loved (teaching and music). And helping others learn all about the music business is something I don’t have to do, but I get to do.”

You’ve attended the annual the SXSW Conference & Festivals in Austin, Texas, for many years. How is this event beneficial for both yourself and CAM music students?

“I’ve attended SXSW for most years since 1999.  It’s always been a great way to network and to stay on the leading edge of developments in the music industry. I’ll readily admit, though, that it’s also an opportunity to enjoy some great music and discover my next favorite artist. In more recent years it’s been great to work with students who are attending before they make the trip to Austin. I’ve provided a ‘South By Southwest 101’ session several times, including this year, when we had five or six students attend. My hope is that students taking my ‘crash course’ have been able to better maximize their first experience there. It can be thoroughly overwhelming to someone who’s attending for the first time, as it was for me so many years ago.”

How has your experience as part of the Glendale City Council been so far? What motivated you to get involved?

“So far so good. I’m honored to be able to help the community. My family and I love living in Glendale and I personally want to do all that I can to be sure it remains a great place to live, work and thrive. That’s what motivated me to run for office when the opportunity arose.”

What do you know now that you wished you knew when you were entering grad school?

“That it’s good to have a long-term perspective. In grad school I would get thrown off with the stress of preparing for some exams, not thinking about them as just a small step of the long journey. I wish I’d had an outlook that even if I may not do as well as I’d like sometimes, I could focus on learning from it and stay on course if I just keep my eyes on the prize, so to speak.”

What is your favorite quote?

“‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,’ by Helen Keller.”

What is your research/teaching philosophy?

“It’s stated in all of my syllabi: ‘1) To ensure student success by providing the best educational value and career preparation to every student relative to their needs and the time and effort they dedicate to this course, and 2) continually improve courses and my teaching by utilizing the most appropriate and current tools, methods and resources. I aim to exceed your expectations for this course and to provide a truly unique learning experience.'”

If you were not a professor/lecturer, what would you be?

“A professional deejay (I like to think so, anyway).”

Is there an album or an artist you just can’t get enough of?

“Radiohead’s OK Computer. My son is named after one of the songs on it. And I’ll go to My Morning Jacket and Flaming Lips shows until I simply physically can’t anymore.”

What was your first concert?

“Cheap Trick and .38 Special, Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, Ark., on June 15, 1982.”

Where have you lived outside of Colorado?

“Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.”

What gets you up every morning? What keeps you up at night?

“Well, my 2-year-old is usually behind what time I rise. But, philosophically, the chance to make my and my family’s life better than the day before is my motivation. Work and listening to music keep me up at night because that’s when I like to do both.”