Denver rapper Jelie embraces the business side of the music industry

May 14, 2019

Bradlie “Jelie” Jones (BA ’19) started rapping at 8 years old. At 16, she started performing at Denver music venues. At 19, she started her own company. By age 26, she hopes to be selling out venues the size of the Pepsi Center. 

She’s determined enough to do it, too.

Jelie working at her workstation.
Graduating recording arts student and rap artist Bradlie “Jelie” Jones is already turning a profit with her sound production company.

Not only does she have a rap career that’s gaining momentum, but the recent recording arts graduate has been building her own sound production business. And after only a year and half in business, it’s already turning a profit, she said.  

Jones designs and builds synthesizer drums from scratch, something very few people know how to do. To further monetize her skills – and to spread her art form – she produces online tutorials and gives private lessons in sound wave manipulation and synthetic drum building. 

In her music business classes, she studied artist management and the inner workings of the music industry, gaining in-person meetings with promoters and event managers. She learned practical entrepreneur skills, like how to craft a press release and find a fairly-priced videographer. 

“I’m grateful to the teachers at CU Denver,” Jones said. “They taught me the business side of being an artist.” 

I wish that I could have a wish granted
For all of the times no one could understand it.
I am no doctor, Music was an option so I opted.

– lyrics from “Empress” by Jelie

Jelie performs inside with a mic on stage and blue and green lights up the stage.
Rap artist Jelie performs at various Denver venues, including the Bluebird Theater and Summit Music Hall.