Ready to change the world through business

March 21, 2019

By this time in his life, Ernest thought he would have started multiple businesses in Nigeria. But his dad had even bigger plans for him.

Unable to attend college himself, Ernest’s dad always said education was the best thing he could give his kids. He pushed Ernest to continue his education outside the country.

Thanks to his dad’s persistence, Ernest moved from Nigeria to Colorado to attend graduate school at CU Denver. He’s studying business intelligence and information systems at the Business School.

The move from Nigeria to Denver has completely changed his perspective.

Ernest has been involved on campus in the Student Government Association and the Association of International Students, working on initiatives to help build meaningful friendships and a sense of community for both domestic and international students.

Ernest’s career drive is now based on solving problems for his community and lifting up small businesses – things he saw his father do for aspiring young professionals in the Igbo community, an ethnic group native to southern Nigeria.

Once Ernest is able to leave his mark in the United States, he plans to utilize his advanced analytical skills to help businesses in Nigeria and across Africa.

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