Results Dashboard from Second Annual Staff Satisfaction Survey Now Live 

Results Dashboard from Second Annual Staff Satisfaction Survey Now Live 

February 13, 2024

In October 2022, CU Denver’s Staff Council sent the first-ever job satisfaction survey to all staff. A year later, in November 2023, the council launched the second annual survey to check in with staff on matters relating to campus engagement, benefits, workplace support, and other topics. The survey supports CU Denver’s 2030 Strategic Plan goal of becoming a best place to work by gauging employee satisfaction and gathering a data set that can help look at progress and areas that need improvement, year-over-year.  

Staff Council co-chairs Ingrid Summers and Tammy Hassan added that it’s a way for Staff Council to serve its community. “Our annual job satisfaction survey tells us what is going well for staff, and what isn’t,” Summers said. “We hope to continue to use this information to advocate for staff and to promote positive change in coordination with university leadership.” 

Staff Council has released a dashboard with findings from the latest job satisfaction survey. To view the dashboard, you must use your CU Denver credentials to log into UCDAccess and be connected to the VPN.  

Survey Details  

The survey was sent by email to all CU Denver university and classified staff in December 2023. The total number of staff who participated was 360, or 41% (which is the same response rate as the 2022 survey), with representation from every school and college, as well as administrative units. While there was some overlap with the Campus Workplace and Culture Pulse Survey (a DEI effort that took place in October 2023), this survey was sent exclusively to CU Denver-specific staff and the questions focused solely on job satisfaction. The dashboard allows viewers to look at responses based on unit, unless fewer than 10 people submitted the survey. This helps to ensure anonymity.  

The survey had 10 questions, some of which had multiple parts​. Questions focused solely on job satisfaction, and both quantitative (ratings) and qualitative data (short-answer responses) were collected​.   

Key Findings  

In total, 64% of respondents said they are satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs (last year’s response rate was 68%), and 64% of respondents feel like their work is valued by CU Denver (which is an increase from last year’s response rate of 59%).  

Regarding the 2030 Strategic Plan, 52% of respondents believe CU Denver is on track to become an “equity-serving” ​institution by 2030 (which is the same response rate as last year), and 30% believe CU Denver is on track to become a best place to work​ (last year’s response rate was 28%).  

Respondents were asked to rate several factors that impact job satisfaction, including salary (41% were satisfied and 33% were dissatisfied), transparency of decision making and communication from university leadership (34% were satisfied and 38% were dissatisfied), and parking (24% were satisfied and 33% were dissatisfied). All question response rates, as well as year-over-year comparisons, can be viewed on the dashboard. 

Next Steps  

Staff Council met with Cabinet and deans to review the findings and encouraged leaders to dig into their unit’s results and develop plans to address areas of concern. The council intends to continue to distribute the survey annually and is eager to see what trends emerge from the year-over-year data. The council’s members use the data in conversations with leadership to help advocate for staff.    

For now, staff are encouraged to explore the dashboard and look at the data captured for their departments. For questions, contact