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Saving big on college tuition—Western Undergraduate Exchange students get education discount

November 5, 2019

What if you could save thousands of dollars a year on college tuition? With the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program, you may be able to.

WUE (pronounced “woo-ee”) lets you go to an out-of-state school, like CU Denver, without having to pay out-of-state tuition. Here’s how it works:

Admitted, full-time undergraduate degree-seeking students who are legal residents of WICHE region states, Guam and the Commonwealth of North Mariana Islands can be awarded a tuition discount at select institutions in the WICHE region.

In Colorado, WUE students pay 150 percent of what residents pay for tuition. At CU Denver, WUE students can save 40% off the standard nonresident tuition rate—that amounts to a savings of more than $11,000 a year for students enrolled in 30 credit hours. Bonus: During Discover CU Denver Week Nov. 18 – 24, all application fees are waived for WUE students. Visit CU Denver WUE for more information.

Unlike some WUE colleges, CU Denver has no limits on how many WUE students it accepts, and all undergraduate, on-campus degree programs are eligible—so you can study exactly what you want. Not to mention, you get to live in Denver, a top 10 city for young adults with tons of internship and job opportunities literally across the street from your classrooms.

If you’re dreaming of an out-of-state school but feeling anxious about out-of-state tuition, don’t give up. Read below about CU Denver students whose dreams are coming true with the help of WUE.

Jaesun Brown on a hike in the mountains

Jae-Sun Brown

Home state: Hawaii
Area of study:
Political science

Why WUE?
“I only applied to WUE schools, because I knew that it would be a lot cheaper for my family. WUE has been great for my family and made it possible to come here.”

How much $ are you really saving?
Let’s just say: “I don’t have to take out any extra loans.”

Advice to other students:
“I definitely recommend students in Hawaii and other Western states apply to WUE schools, especially CU Denver. It’s a great opportunity to travel, see another city and get a great education at a cheaper rate.”

Taylor Cook portrait

Taylor Cook

Home state: Alaska
Area of study: Public Health

Why WUE?
“In your first year, you may not be thinking about what you’re wracking up in debt, but it’s really important, because in the future, you do have to pay that debt off. WUE gives you the opportunity to reach this new world out there in college but they take into consideration that you don’t want to graduate with a mountain of debt.”

How much $ are you really saving?
“As a WUE student, I’m saving upwards of $9,000 or $10,000 a year, and that’s an incredible amount of money to save as a college student, especially since I plan to get a graduate degree here, as well.”

Advice to other students:
“CU Denver offers so many programs, scholarships and internships. And the location is a plus being right in the city. [Coming here] is a great opportunity.”

Dalton Ellis portrait

Dalton Ellis

Home state: Arizona
Area of study: Mechanical engineering

Why WUE?
“I knew I wanted to come to Colorado, and my high school career counselors helped me find opportunities to do so. One of the best ones that fit for me was WUE, so I found schools that were a part of it.”

How much $ are you really saving?
In a nutshell: “It allows me to pay for school and have financial flexibility.”

Advice to other students:
“I highly recommend WUE for out-of-state students, because it gives you a chance to come to Colorado and CU Denver and experience it.”