Answers – and winners – for our 'Nine from Nobel @ Noon' Game

How'd your Nobel knowledge add up?

February 7, 2018

In Tuesday’s CU Denver Today we showcased the presenters from our “Nobel @ Noon” lunch-and-learn series in a trivia game. Today, we’re back with the answers, as well as some winners!

Our Noble Nobel Champion

Megan Culpepper, Graduate Student Assistant for the School of Public Affairs


1. b

While Kirby might also be an apt metaphor for autophagy, Chris Phiel used Pac-Man to illustrate the concept. He even included the iconic arcade hero in a diagram!

2. b

Pater may have noted that “All art aspires towards the condition of music,” but according to coverage of Sam McGuire’s talk, a student in the audience called the addition of music to poetry a form of “cheating.” So, the student implicitly called Bob Dylan a “cheater.

3. a

Laura Argys’ talk on Economics garnered the most Facebook RSVPs, with 12 people registered as having attended. Actual attendance at all Nobel a@ Noon presentations was much higher than these numbers suggest.

4. d

Cynthia Wong divulged that she would like to be a knitter if she weren’t a professor, and Laura Argys mentioned that she had plans to go into deaf education until she discovered her passion – and skill – for economics. Chris Phiel told us that he would likely be a high school science teacher as well as a baseball and basketball coach if he weren’t an academic.

5. b

Thaler’s book is called Nudge. It bears repeating that repairing 17th Avenue during rush hour really isn’t the best idea.

6. c

Cynthia Wong’s favorite quote is from Walter Benjamin.

7. c

Clyde Zaidins ended up needing to revise his presentation due to the collapse of a binary neutron star.

8. c

Protease and kinase are both real enzymes, but Chris Phiel studies kinase. Spacecase and oaklandase, meanwhile, are both Dad Jokes.

9. b, e and f

Bob Damrauer, Chris Phiel and Manuel Espinoza all presented during both the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons of Nobel @ Noon.

What’s Your Nobel Knowledge Fortune?

9 Correct: 

Well look at you! You not only know your Nobel, you also know how to read through CU Denver Today articles, synthesize their information, and make a couple logical inferences based on their content. Get on out there and ace those SAT’s – things are looking bright!

6 – 8 Correct:

You think that getting everything right is for people with something to prove – or Nobel Prizes to win. You probably value work/life balance in a current or future career. Today, respond to that stressful email you’ve been burying in your inbox – you’ll feel that much better when you get home to unwind.

3 – 5 Correct:

If your Nobel Knowledge were an animal, it would be a grey squirrel: totally mundane, but charming nonetheless. Today, embrace your inner squirrel by climbing to the heights of a new challenge. Then, make some provisions for the future that might help you through leaner times.

1 – 2 Correct:

Like Bill Murray in Caddyshack, you’re rude but cool. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, you have some self-work to do before you can feel settled. Beware the numbers 5, 9 and -28.

0 Correct:

Y’all. That Pac-Man diagram was right there. Go get a hug from Milo, and try again next year, Al-fraud Nobel.