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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Spring Break 2021 Unique Ideas

March 29, 2021

We are about to enter the second spring break vacation affected by the pandemic. Many students, faculty, and staff have exhausted their creative ideas for at-home fun. By now, some Lynx are understandably tired of Zoom happy hours and streaming parties. While the number of vaccinated individuals is steadily rising, everyone needs to remain vigilant in order to keep from spreading COVID-19. In the spirit of promoting safety and fun, CU Denver News offers a few unique ideas for this year’s April 19-25 spring break, some suggested by students via CU Denver social media.

Camp Out

We are in Colorado, after all. Collect your supplies, hike in or drive in, and pitch a tent in the great outdoors. Make reservations if you’re at a state or national park and follow health safety guidelines (check fire bans by county also). A few nights looking at a galaxy of stars, smelling the pine trees, and disconnecting from your devices should give you a sense of primordial bliss.

Words with Friends (or Family)

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No, we don’t mean the app. Take a week to plan a Book Break with friends and family. Everyone chooses one favorite book, which everyone attempts to finish in one day. For five consecutive evenings, your group gets together either in person (if vaccinated) or virtually to discuss the books. Reading has been proven to reduce stress (note: not reading news)—and you’ll get to know something about your co-readers.

Go Jump in a Lake

man jumping into alpine lake; photo by Tyler Lillico via unsplash

There is something uplifting about plunging into a cold river or alpine lake. Research has shown that cold immersion—even if it’s just a quick plunge—can reduce depression, increase happiness, and boost your immune system. If you can’t handle the cold, go the opposite route and visit one of the many hot springs in the state. Make sure to check safety protocols. 

Connect with Your Inner Nerd

One student’s suggestion to use spring break to get ahead on classwork may not be the most traditionally fun option, but it does have its rewards. Knowing you’re caught up on all your school assignments can bring an extra dose of relief and pride. It can also eliminate any worry associated with procrastination. Get it done and then celebrate yourself.

Around the World in 8 Days

Spanish hot chocolate; photo by Oscar Nord via unsplash

This culinary adventure takes you everywhere and nowhere all at once. Choose a destination you’d love to visit and use the location as menu inspiration. You can keep it general—as in Chinese food and Mexican food—or you can get very specific with items like Barcelona hot chocolate (from Barcelona, Spain), Bernese bread (from Bern, Switzerland), Durban bunny chow (from Durban, South Africa), or the Juicy Lucy (from Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Apply and Conquer

Whether it’s a graduate school application, scholarship essay, or resume revamp, spring break can be a good time to get ahead on important paperwork. Completing any of these aforementioned items may usher in great news. Continuing your education, receiving scholarship funds, or landing a new job are all great accomplishments.