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Six good reasons to take summer classes

March 28, 2019

Summer vacation is a lovely concept. But if you’re smart, you know that summer is the perfect time to put your big plans and career goals into action by taking summer classes.

Sure, your friends might be wasting time on the beach or making a few bucks waiting tables. But you’ve got big ideas that don’t take a break from May to August. Here are six reasons why you should take advantage of summer session.

1. You’ll maximize your time – no-brainer.

Knock out some credits, get ahead on degree requirements or dip your toe into a graduate class. Or, see if you can land an amazing summer internship that gets you course credit, career training and maybe even a paycheck. When you use summer classes to manage your time efficiently, you’ll feel like a superstar student.

2. You can save money.

Being a college student can be expensive. Taking more classes per year means you might graduate sooner – and be on your way to a solid salary sooner. Bonus: Your textbook costs might be lower, because it’s easier to find used books when there are fewer students competing for them.

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CU Denver students choose from hundreds of summer session courses, available on campus and online for maximum flexibility.

3. Ironically, you’ll actually reduce your stress levels.

Your fall and spring semesters are jam-packed. You’re maxing out your course load, working almost full-time on top of that and trying not to completely lose your social life – and your mind. Breathe … summer school distributes your coursework more evenly throughout the academic year to help reduce your course load and your stress in other semesters.

4. Your mind will stay sharp for the fall semester.

It’s called “summer brain drain,” and it doesn’t just happen to elementary school kids. Research has shown that students lose a whole month of academic progress during summer vacation – and college summer vacations are longer than in elementary school! Keep your student rhythm going and your academic A-game on by continuing your studies from May to August.

5. You can still have an amazing summer vacation.

Many experiential and study-abroad courses happen during the summer. So, you don’t have to resign to being chained to your computer all summer. Take advantage of these opportunities to travel to a faraway place, deepen your knowledge or explore a new subject area. And with 3-week, 4-week and 8-week sessions available on campus, online and abroad throughout the summer months, you’ll still be able to squeeze in some rest and relaxation, too – promise.

6. Your friends and family will admire you and want to be like you.

We all want people to think we’re brilliant. When you’re taking summer classes, being über-efficient with your time, charging forward on your career path and generally managing your life like a pro, people will think you’re brilliant. And they’ll be right.