SOURCE AVAILABLE: Impact of George Floyd Trial on Policing

April 6, 2021

As the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin continues, University of Colorado Denver professor and former police officer Paul Taylor is available to discuss the implications of the trial on the future of policing. He’s available to discuss what the George Floyd trial means in terms of how we police, and what policies may be changed depending on the verdict.

Paul Taylor, assistant professor in the School of Public Affairs, focuses his research on police decision-making, human error and resilience in the context of potential use-of-force encounters with an eye toward improving outcomes.

Paul’s research
Dispatch Priming and the Police Decision to Use Deadly Force
“Engineering Resilience” Into Split-Second Shoot/No Shoot Decisions: The Effect of Muzzle-Position
Beyond false positives: A typology of police shooting errors

Paul in the news
Boise State Public Radio: Outside Looking In: What Former Officers Think Could Improve Policing
Denver Post: No charges for Aurora police officers who held children at gunpoint after erroneous traffic stop
FOX31: Search for motive ‘haunting’ investigators in King Soopers shooting

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