Jazmyn Dennard Headshot

Student Q+A: Jazmyn Dennard (MArch ‘22)

November 12, 2021

Hometown: Thornton, CO

Undergraduate School and Major:  Colorado State University, Bachelors of Science Interior Design

Program: Masters of Architecture program at CAP

In our Student Q+A’s we profile the students of the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Architecture & Planning (CAP). We sat down with Jazmyn Dennard, a student in the CAP program who will graduate with a Masters of Architecture degree. We find out more about background, what attracted her to the CAP, her breakthrough moments during her education, and her plans post-graduation.  

Tell us a little bit about why you chose the CAP and what your experience has been like?

I chose CAP because Colorado is, and will always be, home. My time at CAP has been mostly good with some inherent challenges that stem from a desire to see change, and a pandemic taking hold of the world.

Did you have any “breakthrough moments” during your education experience? If so, what were they and when did they happen?

I don’t know if any specific moment comes to mind. One of my favorite moments was in my Sustainable Design Practices class last spring. We wrote essays about a sustainable building and I was able to do so while also calling attention to the inequality that is often forgotten. 

Sustainable drawns
How have you grown since coming to the CAP?

I have leaned into my professional voice as well as being an advocate for myself. I have grown in my professional architectural skills & have gotten better at networking. 

What does life after the CAP look like for you?

I want to get licensed as soon as possible. I am already working for a firm in Denver, and specializing in K-12 educational design. The biggest change will be an easier balance of life, as school won’t be in the mix.

Jada draws of a project
What opportunities at the CAP are there for students to connect their designs to real-world issues?

Depending on the instructor, there are endless opportunities. I have not yet had an instructor who is intolerant to the vocalization of injustice and the advocacy of equality. The pandemic has also pushed us to think about the future of architecture and how we respond.

Do you plan to continue to be a part of the CAP community? If so, how?

Potentially. I could be interested in teaching some courses, but this is something I haven’t discussed with the department chair yet.