Denver Campus students approve constitution changes

Denver Campus students approve changes

March 11, 2011

University leaders joined Denver Campus student government leaders March 11 at an event to sign into effect a new University of Colorado Denver Student Government Association (UCDSGA) constitution.

Revising the constitution has taken three years noted Student Body President Keven Shaw. “We’re happy to see it come to fruition.” While the number of students who actually voted (Feb. 28 – March 7) was small, 91 percent of those who did cast ballots approved the proposed changes.

Legislative Committee Chair Shannon Fender told those assembled for the signing, “this new document is more representative for our students, and it represents a more traditional democratic form of government because all schools and colleges now will have representatives in Student Government.”

Fender further described the changes (*see below) made with the assistance of University legal counsel:

“The old constitution prescribed three committees with separate authoritative powers while the new document gives more authority to a centralized legislative body — the Senate which retains authority over the committees. Another change is that students were only able to hold one position in a committee during their term. Now a Senator can sit on multiple committees during the same term and in some cases even serve in a staff position concurrently. Indeed, the new constitution represents a more traditional, democratic form of government with three distinct branches that have separate powers as well as checks on each other. This document allows additional opportunities for student leadership by offering an increased number of Senate seats and a College Council for school/college representation. Previously members of the Judicial Council we’re elected to their positions but they are now appointed by the Student Body President.”

“These changes are significant, and they are better for everyone,” Chancellor Jerry Wartgow said as he put pen to paper. “It’s done!”

Attendees at the signing included CU Regent Sue Sharkey, Provost Rod Nairn and Dean of Students Samantha Ortiz.