CU Denver student James Siegel

James Siegel: accelerated learning with summer courses

Summer Session helps political science major get ahead

April 5, 2018

“I wouldn’t be as motivated to take graduate-level classes if I didn’t have Summer Session to help me spread out my course load,” said James Siegel, an undergraduate in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

In addition to his major in English, Siegel is pursuing the Political Science 4+1 MA Program, which allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in political science in as few as five years. Taking advantage of Summer Session has allowed him to stay focused and to spread his upper-level classes out. “It’s less stressful when I only have one graduate-level class per semester,” Siegel said.

James Siegel
Summer Session helps James Siegel accelerate his learning.

It’s not easy to tackle two majors, let alone an accelerated MA program, but Summer Session helps by giving students such as Siegel more time and more flexibility to take the classes they need, when they need them. When he’s not getting ahead on classes, Siegel works as an undergraduate assistant at the IT Helpdesk housed in the Business School

Summer semester from the start

“I started taking summer courses my first semester at CU Denver, and it’s been incredible every summer since,” Siegel said.

Summer courses allow students to buckle down and focus on a challenging course, or let loose and take a class they’ve never had the chance to. For Siegel, summer is the time to tackle an upper-level class and give it his full attention. That way he can stay ahead on classes and on his grades.

With fewer people on campus and a smaller course load, signing up for Summer Session is a no-brainer for Siegel. “I look forward to my summer classes,” he said. “I know I’m getting ahead and it makes my other semester stress free – well, almost stress free.”


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