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Supporting Strategic Priorities: New Guaranteed Admissions Agreement

January 27, 2020

As part of an ongoing effort to increase enrollment and retention rates and to better support student success, CU Denver presents the CU Denver: Guaranteed Admissions Agreement. The newly announced partnership between CU Denver and the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) gives currently enrolled and newly graduated community college students across Colorado “guaranteed admission” to CU Denver contingent upon completion of their associate’s degree. The initiative, which aligns with CU Denver’s strategic priorities, marks the first of its kind in Colorado.

“This partnership is not only focused on the recruitment of community college students, but also in providing pathways that holistically support learning and growth. Student success and retention is and will continue to be at the core of this partnership.” said Emily Moroney, CU Denver’s executive director for transfer initiatives. “It truly is saying, we see your accomplishments, we believe in your potential, and we are excited to invest in your dreams with you.” 

Michael Schulman, director of student affairs for the Colorado Community College System, stressed how the agreement will support student success. “Through data sharing, both institutions will be able to make better informed decisions to help ensure student success though their entire educational journey,” Schulman said. “The Colorado Community College System and CU Denver will work together to foster students to the successful completion of both an associate and a bachelor degree, helping close equity gaps, and leading to better outcomes in the lives of our students and their families.”

The agreement—a dream of Chancellor Dorothy Horrell’s since 2018—is the result of hard work spearheaded by CU Denver’s Transfer Initiatives in close partnership with Undergraduate Admissions, Admissions Operations, and Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. “This is a university-wide effort,” Moroney said.

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