UCDAccess - PassportID

Starting fresh

Tech changes will streamline user experience

August 24, 2015

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the CU system administration have been working all summer to freshen up university experiences and processes. You may notice these changes now and in the coming months.

OIT has been configuring a gateway to the current UCDAccess portal that will soon mean fewer sign-ins throughout your day. Although most users won’t notice the changes, the new PassportID single sign-on addition will allow university credentials as a log-in for multiple applications.

UCDAccess - PassportID

For example, some CU Anschutz Medical Campus students are now able to directly access MEDHUB to schedule their residency hours just by signing in at the PassportID gateway page. Users will not experience any change to their current log-in process, and many may not even notice the slight design difference to the log-in page since their process will remain the same. Full details on the log-in process changes are available in the OIT Newsroom . However, throughout the school year users will begin noticing that after log-in they land on an options page that allows them to choose where they’d like to go next: email, Canvas, MedHUB, etc., depending on what application options are available to them.

ISIS is now CU-SIS

CU Denver’s student services teams also partnered with colleagues on other campuses to launch a name change for ISIS. ISIS will now be called CU-SIS.  Even with the name change, the campus suite of applications is not changing in access or functionality. You will begin to see the new name, CU-SIS, referenced on our website and other documentation. You can read the full CU-SIS info here.  Please direct questions you may have to the OIT HELPdesk at 303-724-4357.

The Elevate project is an upgrade of the current Finance and Human Resources Management systems. This two-year upgrade process will greatly improve how you get paid, track leave, manage financial transactions and perform many other functions. You can also find training classes, access the Elevate glossary and get questions answered via this dedicated website.

Prospective students, current students and faculty and staff can now see our CU Denver website on mobile devices. The website’s homepage redesign launched in August. School and department webpages will begin implementing the redesign this fall.

Both OIT and CU systems administration feel these changes will enhance user experiences and reduce steps in current processes.