Professor Lindsey Hamilton

The Best Social Media Posts We’ve Seen This Week from Faculty, Students, and Staff

March 30, 2020

Perhaps all the time in front of screens is affecting our right-brain thinking—in a good way. This is our working theory, because we’re seeing a lot of our professors and students getting creative on social media. Twitter, in particular, is proving there is a benefit to staying at home. We’ve discovered zany professors getting zanier, and clever students getting cleverer (it’s a word, we promise). Take a look at some of our favorite tweets, which prove there is a benefit to staying at home.

This professor who is embracing humor and creativity (and keeping her virtual teaching entertaining) with the hashtag #CUDenverZoomAdventures. Lindsey Hamilton, PhD, is the director of undergraduate research and creative activities in the Psychology Department.

Here she is again.

This professor who re-tweeted a video with the hashtag #laughteristhebestmedicine. A good reminder that while we can’t control a lot during these challenging times, we can do our best control our outlook on life. Stephanie Santorico is a statistical sciences professor and director of statistical programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

This professor who is making the most of homeschool. Audrey Hendricks, PhD, is an assistant professor of statistics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

This librarian at the Auraria Library who is saying how we all really feel.

And this student who is making the most of her spring break at home.

It’s not easy keeping track of CU Denver students, faculty, staff, and alumni on social media! If you’ve got a favorite post, story, meme, or tweet, please let us know by emailing