Renovating the Centennial House

Renovating the Centennial House

January 9, 2023

For a home that has stood and watched the seasons pass for more than a century, two months isn’t a long time. But in the short weeks since a special blessing on Oct. 27 to kick off renovations at this historic structure, there has been a lot of activity.  

As CU Denver celebrates its 50th Anniversary on Jan. 11, people are gathering at this spot once more to see the changes in a special tour (more information is available here). We’ve got a sneak peek at the meticulous care being taken to preserve this home’s history and prepare it for the future.  

The Centennial House is a part of the Ninth Street Historic Park, a one-block area of buildings that was preserved as the Auraria neighborhood was displaced and the Auraria Higher Education Center was built. Last year, CU Denver announced an expansion of the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship Program

To learn more about CU Denver’s efforts to honor Ninth Street’s legacy, click here.  

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