The Furry Faces of CU Denver

August 31, 2020

August was a month full of holidays celebrating our four-legged family members. We asked for submissions of our community’s beloved cats and dogs, and we were overjoyed with the turnout! The content team voted and selected the top three winners. Congrats to Fitzgerald, submitted by student Kelsey Kilgore; Takumi, submitted by student Angel-Kaye Luna; and Nala, submitted by student Emma Wei. The CU Denver News content team will be in touch with you soon about your Amazon gift card prize. 

Dog laying on carpet
Fitzgerald, submitted by student Kelsey Kilgore

They always make us smile.

Dog in a river
Fitzgerald, submitted by student Kelsey Kilgore

They’re always ready to join us on our adventures.

Dog by a lake
Nala, submitted by student Emma Wei

No matter where it is …

Dog sitting with owner in the mountains
Enzo, submitted by student Jonathan Burton

they’re happy to just be by our side.

Bulldog with tongue out
Takumi, submitted by student Angel-Kaye Luna

They’re there when we’re feeling blue,

Dog catching tennis ball
Woofie, submitted by student Rachel Drummond

and they’re always able to make us smile!

Cat napping on a shelf
Mojo, submitted by student Mollye Russell

They’re always on board for a mid-day nap,

Cat wearing a tie
Brisket, submitted by student Valerie Conner

or ready to be the star of a Zoom meeting!

Corgi puppy
Ralphy Sir Corgalot, submitted by student Rebecca Monaco

From the days they’re small,

Dog with a cone
Luther, submitted by student Lara Eck

to when they’re all grown up,

Cat laying on a bed
Mr. Bear, submitted by student Angela Graf

and every moment in between,

Dog sitting in a flower pot
Andalusia (Lucy), submitted by faculty member Cassandra Howard

(even the ones who think they’re plants)

Dog with family next to a grave
Joe, submitted by student David Olvera

they’re there for us in the moments we need them the most.

Dog wearing a commencement cap
Colette, submitted by student Sofia Shappell

Our furry friends celebrate our greatest achievements with us.

Dog wearing a flower collar
Zion, submitted by staff member Emma Martz

They’re our best friends,

Dog sitting next to a stuffed Milo
Finn, submitted by student Kaite Imhoff

and we’re so lucky to call them ours!