TIP SHEET: Health Systems & COVID 19

January 13, 2021

COVID-19 has required health systems to drastically reexamine their relationship with technology. How are intelligent solutions shaping healthcare for the future, and what does it mean for the patient? Thanks to its new Health Administration Research Consortium (HARC), CU Denver researchers have been able to work with leaders in the health technology industry to solve these real-world problems. 

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Potential Story Topics

  • How is virtual health impacting patients overall?
    • Healthcare has seen a dramatic surge in the use of tele-health and virtual care models from 40-50 visits per day just before the pandemic to upwards of 10,000 visits per day
  • How are health systems approaching the new digital models
    • How are business models around these evolving?
  • Electronic delivery models for medications to patients 
    •  As a result of the pandemic, mail-in order utilization for drugs and medicine increased by 21% from last year and has a share of up to 5.8% of the prescription drug market share. 
  • Using intelligent applications to predict virus prevalence 

The Experts

Jiban Khuntia
PhD Director • Associate Professor
Information systems, health administration, managing for sustainability

Rulon Stacey headshot

Rulon Stacey
Program Director for Graduate Programs in Health Administration • Former CEO of Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis
Organizational transformation, strategy development, and performance leadership. 

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