TIP SHEET: Inauguration Day

January 13, 2021

Why is this Inauguration Day different from others? What should we expect on January 20, 2021 as the United States officially shifts into a new administration? CU Denver expert Michael Berry is available to answer these questions and speak to a variety of inauguration topics. 

Please contact Meghan Azralon by email (meghan.azralon@ucdenver.edu) or by phone (720-602-5706) if interested in interviewing our source expert.

Potential storylines 

  • The historical background on the inauguration process
  • The importance of a smooth transition of power
  • How does the electoral process work?
  • Congress just released its new articles of impeachment, what does this mean for Inauguration Day and beyond?

Available expert

Michael Berry headshot

Michael Berry
Director of graduate studies and associate professor of political science
Expertise Areas: American political institutions, congressional policymaking and oversight, the presidency, bureaucratic administration, congressional and presidential elections, research methodology

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