TIP SHEET: Native American College Tuition Bill

February 25, 2021

Colorado lawmakers recently proposed a new bill (SB21-029) seeking to provide in-state tuition to Native American students living outside of the state. The students would have to belong to a tribal nation with historical ties to land in Colorado—a total of 78. 

What would this mean for higher education? Why is it important? Why now?

Our experts are ready to discuss the bill and what it means for the Native American community. 

Please contact Sarah Erickson by email (sarah.erickson@ucdenver.edu) or by phone (303-550-5789) if interested in interviewing an expert. We can also connect you with a Native American CU Denver student to weigh in on the topic and their involvement in getting this bill to come to fruition.

Glenn Morris headshot

Glenn Morris
Associate professor, Political Science
Expertise Areas: Glenn has been working with State Representative Adrienne Benavidez on the proposed bill. Glenn’s areas of expertise are indigenous peoples in the international legal and political arena, public law, civil liberties, and race/gender and the law. He has been active in the development of international legal standards for the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples for over thirty years.

John Ronquillo
Assistant professor, School of Public Affairs
Member of CU Denver’s Equity Task Force
Expertise Areas: John researches in the areas of diversity, inclusion and social equity, and is engaged in a long-term project focused on indigenous leadership and governance in Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.