TIP SHEET: What is Love, Really?

Faculty experts available for Valentine’s Day topics

February 8, 2021

The season of love is upon us! Have you ever thought about why we love? Did you know there are different types of love? Our faculty expert is eager to share his expertise on these love questions and beyond. 

Potential Topics

  • The different types of love
  • Is love just a feeling? If not, what is it?
  • What other ideas of love have existed throughout time?
    • How are they different from ours? The same?
  • Is love even real? Or is it just a word we give to some other underlying drive, desire, impulse?
  • What’s the relationship between love & death? Ethics? How can this be tied to the COVID-19 pandemic we are living through?

Andy Yost, lecturer of philosophy at CU Denver, can discuss the relationship between love and the imagination in addition to the historical ways we’ve thought about love, how it operates as a normative ideal, the different “types” of love and the way we think of love now, in our modern context.

Interested in speaking to Andy? Email us at news@ucdenver.edu