Man sanding on snowy peak overlooking mountain tops at sun rise

Plan Your Next Adventure: Tips and Ideas for Winter Outdoor Activities

November 18, 2021

Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes. Winter’s first snowflakes are coming soon, marking the beginning of an adventurous outdoor season. We’ve compiled a list of activities to help you prepare and plan. 

Rent Gear on Campus 

Winter adventures are anything but ordinary and require some extra precautions. The Student Wellness Center is home to the Adventure Rental Center, where CU Denver students, faculty/staff, and community members can rent outdoor equipment for any adventure. 

Rental equipment includes tents, camping chairs, crash pads, cooking pots, jackets, sleeping bags, and more. Rental periods are one to two days, three to four days, or five to eight days. Learn more about rental gear and pricing.

Prepare for Winter Weather

The weather is quickly cooling down and snow will hopefully be abundant in the mountains soon. In no way does this mean the adventures need to stop. Time to pile on the layers. Below are a few tips from students on how to be extra cautious for winter adventures, whether it be skiing, snowshoeing, fishing or some other activity.

  1. Prevention is key. Make sure to check the weather and temperatures before leaving.  
  2. When adventuring outdoors, prioritize function over fashion.
  3. Always try to bring someone with you, especially if you are a beginner. If it is a solo trip, make sure someone is always aware of your location. 

Pick Your Own Adventure — Events Hosted by the Student Wellness Center 

Fall Break Exploration: Looking to get outside during fall break? Explore Colorado’s beautiful mountains, rivers, and trails. This trip is a series of day-long excursions. Activities include rock climbing, hiking, and snowshoeing, and will conclude with a group picnic. When: Nov. 20 – 22.

Snowshoe Hike: Colorado’s trails are quite a sight in the snow. If you’re new to snowshoeing, trip leaders will assist from beginning to end. When: Dec. 4, 8 a.m.

Recommended “College Student” Friendly Ski Places 

Breckenridge receives some of the best snow in Colorado and usually ranks as the most often-visited ski resort in the United States. *Pass prices go up in price Nov. 21.

Silverton is home to the steepest and highest mountain in Colorado. It is a perfect place for experienced skiers to get an adrenaline rush. 

Wolf Creek is located in Pagosa Springs. It is another budget-friendly mountain that has nine lifts and some of the deepest snow in Colorado.

Telluride welcomes skiers of all ages and experiences. Its terrain poses friendly and difficult challenges for every ability. Along with its trails, lifts, and acres, it is also home to a vibrant ski town accessible by a gondola from the mountain.