Welcoming CU Denver’s New Staff to Our Lynx Community

January 31, 2024

In our commitment to make education work for all, CU Denver strives to provide every learner with the support they need to navigate their academic journeys. From our custodial staff to librarians, academic advisors, and so many more, our more than 1,600 staff provide vital support for our students’ academic journey. Below is a list of staff members who have joined CU Denver from Sept. 1, 2023 to Jan. 1, 2024. Join us in welcoming them to our Lynx community! 

Briana Aguilar
Tiffany Bolanos Flores
Jarrick Brown
Kim Cohoon
Todd Deese
Smaragda Delageorgou
Crysta Diaz
Andrea Dillard
Kali Draper
Olivia Earle
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Jacob Goodman
Fatema Hussaini
Amber Johnston
Jennifer Keller
Sarah Kuklinski
Donald Lewis
Hanna Lewis

Jane Lickteig
Justin Machain
Shannon Marks
Milo Marquez
Eunice Matthews-Bradshaw
Brian Moffitt
Rafael Orozco
Jacob Osborne
Jennifer Payne
Grey Peckham
Anthony Rush
Rebecca Strauser
Allison Stroud
Maya Thieme
Amelia Tubbs
Erica Van Sciver
Carol Wahby