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What to Binge When You Need a Break

October 12, 2020

Online or in-person, college coursework can be difficult, even under the best of circumstances. It’s meant to be challenging, and challenging times might make it harder. That’s why you need to take a break every now and then, especially if you’ve just finished midterms. To help you when you need to unwind, we thought of a few shows that any student can enjoy.

Of course, not everyone has login credentials for every streaming service, but many services allow you to create multiple user profiles. If you have an extra login to lend a friend in need, remember, sharing is caring. With the holidays just around the corner, you can also turn your spare credentials into excellent—and zero added cost—gifts to your friends or roommates.

What to binge when another person makes you feel all the feelings: Normal People on Hulu…

Based on a popular Irish novel by Sally Rooney, this show earned headlines for its honest portrayal of a modern relationship that spans a couple’s years at university and early adulthood.

…or when the world is making you feel feelings, and incisive humor would help you process: Dear White People on Netflix.

Continuing where the 2014 film left off, this series follows several Black students trying to wake up people to ongoing injustices at the fictional Winchester University. Season four of the comedy-drama premieres later this year.

What to binge when you want to dial the intensity up to max: Euphoria on HBO Max…

Zendaya became the youngest person to win for Outstanding Lead Actress at the 2020 Emmys with her performance in this new and intense drama centered on teen struggles.

…or, if you’re squeamish and need something a little easier to watch, try Grown-ish on Hulu.

This spin-off of the popular sitcom Black-ish follows the Johnsons’ eldest daughter, Zoey, as she adjusts to life as a college student. The remainder of season three, filmed during COVID, will air in early 2021.

What to binge when you need a heartfelt laugh: Schitt’s Creek on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video…

Also breaking records at this year’s Emmys, the Canadian favorite Schitt’s Creek became the first comedy series to sweep all the top awards in its category. Binge all six seasons wherever you can find them.

…or, for laughter, danger, and a hearty dose of heroics, tryThe Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

If a dark take on superheroes and celebrity culture is just what you need right now, then two seasons of this Amazon hit that’s heavy on comic violence and light on predictability might be right for you.

What to binge when you’re feeling nostalgic for simpler times: The Mandalorian on Disney+…

No matter what, 2020 will also be the year that delivers more baby Yoda to your life. Season two premieres on Oct. 30.

…or, for more Yoda-like wisdom PLUS wit, binge all 90(!) hours of The Golden Girls on Hulu.

It might be centered on four retirees living together in late ’80s to early ’90s Miami, but this comedy classic hardly shows its age. For anyone who enjoys the absurd hijinks and lasting bond of communal living, this sitcom is a must.

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