Stop the Spread

What You Need to Know About the Daily Health Check-In Process

August 3, 2020

Welcome back to CU Denver! Though some things have had to change in order to facilitate a healthy environment for everyone, we look forward to having you back on campus for a new year of learning and discovery. To safely resume in-person instruction, each of us will be required to do our part to help keep our community protected. Read the list below to better understand what to expect when you begin the daily health check-in process that we will all participate in.

Take the COVID-19 Return to Campus online training
  1. Before coming onto campus for the first time this fall semester, everyone—all students, faculty, and staff—must complete a one-time SkillSoft training: “CU: COVID-19 Return to Campus – CU Denver | Anschutz.” This course will help prepare you for returning to campus by teaching you where to locate resources and updates. Tip: take a screenshot of your course completion certificate so you can display it if requested at a check-in station. 
Access the Daily Health Questionnaire
  1. Each morning before returning to campus in-person, you must take your own temperature and complete a daily health questionnaire. This short questionnaire will ask you about any symptoms you may be experiencing, any potential exposure to COVID-19, and your current temperature. You will receive a confirmation email once you complete the daily health form, and you should be prepared to show this confirmation email at a check-in station each day, too. 
Find the nearest health check-in station
  1. Once you arrive on campus, you must check in, in-person, at a designated health check-in station. At present, health check-in stations are located at Lynx Crossing, North Classroom, Student Wellness Center, Business School, and CU Building. Additional stations will be added (and this map will be updated) as more people return to campus, but please allow extra time to complete the daily check-in before your classes. If there’s a rush, it could take 30 minutes to check in. 

4. Facilitators at the health check-in stations will confirm that you are wearing a mask and have completed the daily health questionnaire. If you have forgotten your mask, single-use masks will be available at each station. If you have forgotten to complete the questionnaire, you will be able to scan a QR code and complete the questionnaire before rejoining the line.

  1. If your temperature is 100.4° F or higher, you should not come to campus as you will not be allowed to enter campus buildings. If your temperature is in the acceptable range, you may proceed.
  1. When you complete the check-in, you will receive a color-coded wristband. The wristbands show that you have completed your daily health check-in and are permitted to enter campus buildings. In addition to the wristbands, everyone will be required to wear and keep their CU Denver ID badges visible whenever on campus.

For more information and the latest updates, please visit CU Denver’s Safe Return homepage.