What You Need to Know About University Snow Closures

November 7, 2022

Nothing compares to a Colorado winter. The first fall of snow marks the start of ski season, ice skating, holiday festivities, and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. Snow also means the possibility of campus closures, late starts, and early dismissals. Here’s what CU Denver students, faculty, and staff need to know: 

How to stay up to date on weather related closures or delays:  

In the event of a campus closure, delayed start, or early dismissal, you will receive a text message and/or email notification. You can also call 1-877-556-3637 or visit www.ahec.edu or CU Denver’s Twitter and other social media channels after 5:30 a.m. To make sure you’re signed up for emergency text alerts, visit the CU Denver Emergency Management Division website. Although the Auraria campus has protocols in place to track inclement weather, we encourage our campus community to keep an eye on the local weather forecast to stay prepared. 

If weather conditions necessitate a delayed start: 

  • If a class is scheduled to begin before the delayed start time of campus, it is cancelled.   
  • There is no institutional policy about rescheduling a class cancelled for inclement weather. If a faculty member would like to reschedule a class, the faculty member should discuss it with their department chair. 
  • Students should contact their faculty members with questions regarding rescheduled classes. 

If weather conditions necessitate an early dismissal: 

  • If a class is scheduled to begin after early dismissal time, it is cancelled.   
  • If a class straddles dismissal time, it is cancelled completely. For example, if campus is closing at 2 p.m., a class that runs from 1 – 3 p.m. is cancelled. 

Attendance policies during campus closures: 

  • Any individual mandatory attendance policies for specific classes are suspended if campus is closed. Faculty should not require students to attend a class when campus is closed due to inclement weather.   
  • Staff who ordinarily work on campus do not need to report to campus and do not need to work remotely. 
  • Staff who have a remote work agreement in place also do not need to work that day.  
  • Essential personnel (who are already pre-identified by their departments, such as facilities staff) must report in-person. Classified employees and university staff who are part of Central Services and Administration (CS&A) units that support both CU Denver and CU Anschutz should check with their supervisors. 
  • A campus closure does not mean students, faculty, or staff are unaccountable for any classroom content or work duties that would have occurred on the closure day, but instead, should plan to fulfill those obligations on a different day. 

If campus is open during inclement weather, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to use their judgment as to their ability to reach campus safely. Students should communicate with faculty and faculty and staff with their department chairs or supervisors if they feel unable to reach campus in a safe manner.