Snow on campus

What You Need to Know About Updated Weather Delay and Closure Protocols

January 8, 2021

As the new semester begins and winter weather continues, the university has adjusted its campus closure policy to account for remote, online, in-person, and hybrid teaching and learning, as well as faculty and staff working on and off campus. Despite the relatively low number of people currently coming to campus, all students, faculty, and staff should be aware of CU Denver’s revised approach to campus closures or delays due to inclement weather. 

For Students

A closure or delay due to a “snow day” does not impact students who are taking online courses, as class activities and assignments are designed to be completed at the student’s own pace. Students enrolled in remote, hybrid, or in-person classes should check their syllabi for each of their courses. Faculty have been asked to include specific syllabi language regarding if and how their classes will continue in the event of a weather closure or delay.  

For Faculty

Faculty should determine how remote, in-person, or hybrid courses are handled in the event of a weather closure or delay. As outlined in the spring 2021 syllabus addendum, faculty members should state the approach they will take toward continuing course progress when a class cancellation or delay occurs.

From the addendum:

Example Statement

During the spring semester, severe weather may require campus closures and delays which may result in cancellations of this course. In the event of a class cancellation, the information below describes the approach we will take toward continuing course progress.

Example Approaches

Shift to remote delivery via Zoom and include Zoom link.

Assign cancelled class activities to be completed by a particular date.

Shift to asynchronous approach with students engaging in class activities or assignment(s)via Canvas by a particular date.

In collaboration with students at the beginning of the semester, plan the approach that will be taken.

For Staff

A closure or delay due to weather does not impact staff who have already been working remotely. Staff who are working on campus may shift to remote working if they can still accomplish their work responsibilities from home. Otherwise, they may take administrative leave for the snow day or snow hours. Staff who are working on campus and typically work on campus during a snow day (i.e. facilities team members) should follow their regular protocols.

For more details on how campus closure decisions are made, see the Auraria Higher Education Center campus closure policy. If you have further questions, please contact your supervisor.