Working Toward Our Vision: Strategic Plan Update

December 13, 2022

With the New Year on the horizon, it is a good time to check in on the progress being made toward achieving the 2030 Strategic Plan. For several months, faculty and staff across campus have been working on various projects that support the five goals.  

To provide on-going updates for our internal community, the Strategic Plan Engagement Hub was created last year and houses updates. This week, CU Denver’s Strategic Plan “Roadmaps” were released with results to date. 

The roadmaps outline where the university is and how it is moving forward to implement the 2030 Strategic Plan over the next decade. More than 50 projects are currently underway at various stages, many of which have been featured on CUDN and through campus emails. The Hub, however, provides one place to get all the latest information. The roadmaps are living documents and will be updated each year to track progress toward success.  

During Chancellor Michelle Marks’ 100 Days of Listening Tour and the strategic planning process, it was evident how important sharing information and opportunities for engagement are to our collective success. The Hub was created in response to that feedback. It also provides information for those who may want to get more deeply involved in the ongoing work.  

More updates will be coming in the New Year, but we wanted to reshare the site and roadmaps at this midpoint of our academic year. There has been much progress toward our ambitious goals and that’s because of the community’s collaboration. 


What are the roadmaps?   

With the creation of our 2030 Strategic Plan, it became necessary to organize our time, effort, and resources around tangible, impactful projects that would put us on a path toward 2030. Our strategic plan roadmaps serve as an important mechanism for providing clarity and focus by identifying specifically the university-level work CU Denver will take on in the current year.  

How are the roadmaps created?   

Because our Strategic Plan is a living document, we update our roadmaps each year. With input from individuals across the university our leaders assess progress toward the strategic plan goals and identify necessary next steps. Roadmap projects are identified over the course of the spring and summer, then these annual roadmaps are shared with the broader campus community at the onset of each academic year. There is one roadmap for each of the Strategic Plan’s five goals.   

How can I get involved with roadmap projects?   

Opportunities to get involved with projects will be posted on the Strategic Plan Engagement Hub and in the staff and faculty CU Denver News newsletter. You can also reach out to the Strategic Plan Implementation Team for information about plugging in.   

How is the roadmap organized, and what is covered in this year’s roadmaps?   

We follow the university’s fiscal calendar (July 1–June 30). Year 0 was 2020–2021, during which we gathered input and developed the Strategic Plan. Year 1 was 2021–2022, during which we launched implementation.  We are currently in Year 2 (2022–23) of our 10-year Strategic Plan.