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Update: Comprehensive Compensation Collaborative at the Midway Point 

December 4, 2023

The team working on CU Denver’s Comprehensive Compensation Collaborative (3C) has been hard at work this semester, which marks the midway point of the two-year project. 

Employee Engagement 

Four focus group sessions were held in late summer and at the start of the fall semester with leadership, faculty, IRC, and staff to identify issues and concerns related to compensation. 

Job Descriptions 

Templates for job descriptions created last year were tweaked based on feedback from a committee of 50 employees who volunteered to work on 3C. The updated job templates have also been shared with Human Resources professionals across campus for feedback. The templates are expected to be available for use in early 2024. 

Compensation Philosophy and Guidelines 

Human Resources and the 3C steering committee are just about done with draft compensation philosophy and guidelines. They are expected to be available in 2024. 

Market Salary and Job Review 

Mercer consultants launched a market salary and job review in November utilizing compensation surveys and peer schools to gather relevant market data . They will continue to collect data through January 2024. The group’s analysis should be available to Human Resources and the steering committee in early 2024. 

The steering committee, launched in fall 2022 and made up of representatives from across campus and shared governance groups, continues to meet monthly to get updates and guide the project forward until its completion in summer 2024. As a reminder, the 3C project aims to: 

  • Review all current job groups, job descriptions, and career progression opportunities 
  • Conduct a market salary and job review to create updated salary ranges 
  • Identify areas of compression, equity issues, below market salaries, and market fluctuations 
  • Provide recommendations for a strategy to address areas of concern 
  • Develop a compensation philosophy aligned with the university’s vision and goals 
  • Define the salary structure 
  • Create/update salary administration guidelines 
  • Create greater consistency across campus within career families and paygrades 

There will be no automatic pay increase for any employee, nor will any positions be eliminated because of this project. Once the 3C work is complete, recommendations will be shared with leadership. Implementation will be contingent on leadership approval and funding availability.